Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Superhero by Travis

His favourite thing to do was save the world.  He likes being friendly all the time.  Then he went to do it all over again.  Swoop!  Kill the bad guys with the lazer vision and went home to rest".  

Bull Shark by Ciaran

One day a huge bull shark burst out of a pile of snow.  He was starving so he jumped over the house and into the sea.  Then he swam all the way to the Artic to hunt walruses.  

Snow Shark by Drew

The shark is made out of snow.  Oston, Trevor and Coner made a snow shark.  The next day they woke up and went outside but the snow shark was gone.  The next morning they came outside and the snow shark was there again.  Then Oston, Trevor and Coner saw the snow shark move. 
They said “Is the snow shark coming alive?” 
“Run for your life” shouted Trevor.
“Ahhh.  IS that shark walking on its fins?” cried Oston.  “Where is Coner?”
“I don’t know” said Trevor.
“Here I am” he shouted.
“The shark is gone” said Coner. 
“I don’t think it is” said Oston.  “Ahhh”.
“No you don’t need to worry” said the shark.  “Do you want to be friends?”

“Yes” the boys said.

Shark by Bailey

The shark’s teeth are fragile.  “I really want to break a tooth and keep one for my wall at home” I said.  I would not like to hop in the shark’s mouth.  I would get killed in there.  My blood would be everywhere in the sharks mouth.

One Day by Kody

One day Kody, Caelum and Logan decided to make a snow shark with razor teeth and big eyes.  He was white and blue.  He was as big as a woolly mammoth.  His teeth are ivory white.  He got sniped and he died.

Ned by Matthew

One day Ned was walking down the footpath.  He saw a girl.  The big men walked away.  Ned was sneaking.  Ned took the flour.

My Shark by Iziah

My shark is 20 feet tall and yellow.  If my shark gets hungry he eats fingernails.  He can make little earthquakes.  My shark’s teeth are fragile.  I want a tooth from my shark.  The teeth are shiny.