Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Superhero by Travis

His favourite thing to do was save the world.  He likes being friendly all the time.  Then he went to do it all over again.  Swoop!  Kill the bad guys with the lazer vision and went home to rest".  

Bull Shark by Ciaran

One day a huge bull shark burst out of a pile of snow.  He was starving so he jumped over the house and into the sea.  Then he swam all the way to the Artic to hunt walruses.  

Snow Shark by Drew

The shark is made out of snow.  Oston, Trevor and Coner made a snow shark.  The next day they woke up and went outside but the snow shark was gone.  The next morning they came outside and the snow shark was there again.  Then Oston, Trevor and Coner saw the snow shark move. 
They said “Is the snow shark coming alive?” 
“Run for your life” shouted Trevor.
“Ahhh.  IS that shark walking on its fins?” cried Oston.  “Where is Coner?”
“I don’t know” said Trevor.
“Here I am” he shouted.
“The shark is gone” said Coner. 
“I don’t think it is” said Oston.  “Ahhh”.
“No you don’t need to worry” said the shark.  “Do you want to be friends?”

“Yes” the boys said.

Shark by Bailey

The shark’s teeth are fragile.  “I really want to break a tooth and keep one for my wall at home” I said.  I would not like to hop in the shark’s mouth.  I would get killed in there.  My blood would be everywhere in the sharks mouth.

One Day by Kody

One day Kody, Caelum and Logan decided to make a snow shark with razor teeth and big eyes.  He was white and blue.  He was as big as a woolly mammoth.  His teeth are ivory white.  He got sniped and he died.

Ned by Matthew

One day Ned was walking down the footpath.  He saw a girl.  The big men walked away.  Ned was sneaking.  Ned took the flour.

My Shark by Iziah

My shark is 20 feet tall and yellow.  If my shark gets hungry he eats fingernails.  He can make little earthquakes.  My shark’s teeth are fragile.  I want a tooth from my shark.  The teeth are shiny.

Doctor Oston by Daniel

Doctor Oston
One day Doctor Oston was making a shark with snow inside his base.  It got scanned.  He put the cover on the eyes and heart.  It looks like this

He added the organs and tested them.  However the test was unsuccessful.  The gills were locked so he opened them up.

Lightning Strike by Jake

Swoop!  Smash!  Bang!  He kicked the baddies and tripped them up.  It wasn’t a normal ninja, it was a powerful ninja with muscles, invisibility, super speed, flying and laser vision.  My name is Lightning Strike.

Shark Tale by Elijah

Chomp!  Terrifying shark teeth.  So big and incredibly fast.  It’s a shark.  Run.  Everyone run.  It’s a terrifying shark.  Roar!  Roar!  Sharks smash.  It was the terrifying shark, the most terrifying I had ever seen.

By Elijah

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scavenger Hunt by Logan

Today I went for a scavenger hunt.  The scavenger hunt had pictures from different countries.  After the scavenger hunt we put them on the right part of the country.  Some pictures had flags on them.  I had a fun time.

Cloudy Sky by Iziah

The sky was cloudy.  It was shivering.  I could hear sticks rattling.  Last night there was a storm.

Freezing by Bailey

It was really chilly and it was freezing.  The sky was grey.  The wind was fast.  It was breezy.  The black clouds were moving.

By Bailey

The Cook Islands by Daniel

The Cook Islands

Shshshshsh…..  It’s a nice day at the Cook Islands beach.  I just love the fleshly picked coconuts and the milk.  It was awesome seeing the people on the jet skis.

School Production by Matthew

I went on the stage.  I was ready to go.  When it was my turn it was all dark and the lights slowly turned on.  The music began to start.  Then all of us in LC16 started to dance.

My Volcano by Brayton

My Volcano

I painted a volcano with sparkly black.  When I put the fire on the volcano it looked like the volcano was angry.  I put some sand on the volcano and gold glitter to make it look sparkly.  It looked amazing with the colours on the volcano.  The colours looked like crystals.

Mum and Dad by Iziah

Dear Mum and Dad,
I love you because you are a great mum and dad.
From Iziah

Dark Stormy Night by Cayden

It was a dark and stormy night.  In the ocean there were eels popping out of the water.  Birds were getting stung on the power lines.  Boom!  A big storm came.  It was a hurricane.

How to butter bread by Daniel

How to butter a piece of bread
1.      Get a piece of bread.
2.      Open the butter up.
3.      Get your knife and scrape the butter with the knife.
4.      Spread the butter all over the bread.
5.      Eat it up.

Cicada by Kody

My light brown shell slipping off my back.  I am rubbing my legs together to get a girlfriend.  We fly back to our slimy tree and we see the children playing PE.  The sun is shining down on me like butter.  Now I am going to fly around the big, huge park.  

Cambodia by Daniel

Cambodia is in the continent Asia.  The capital is Phnom Penh.  They eat a lot of rice, crabs, noodles, soup, animals and also insects.  Their population is 14.3 million.  Sometimes they eat tarantula’s bums because it tastes of cream.  They are in a wet country.  They keep all the skulls from the war on a table.

Forest of Monsters by Ciaran

It all started in a pitch black forest with monsters lurking everywhere.  One particular monster, a big, orange and very bossy one, was swinging through the trees looking for something to eat.  

The largest monster, Ructor heard it swinging, and with that he roared.  It was so loud that it made the trees shake so hard that branches were torn off the trees.  By the time the roar stopped the forest looked like a cyclone had passed through, leaves were everywhere, branches were scattered all over the ground and one of the trees had been ripped clean out of the ground.  Now the forest looks more like a desert than a forest.  

The big and orange monster was nowhere in sight but Ructor was looking for it.  There was one place Ructor didn't look, in a clearing that held the last tree standing, a 170 metre tall sequoia with bark as hard as rocks.  Beside the sequoia there was a deep, dark hole, and in that hole the big orange monster hid.


Birds Nest by Elijah

We used sticks, mud and grass to make a birds nest.  We put the pieces of mud on top of the sticks to make a flat inside. We put the grass on the inside.  Then we put grass on the outside. 
That was how we made it.
It worked but we forgot to lift it off the ground and someone stood on it.