Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Snow Shark by Drew

The shark is made out of snow.  Oston, Trevor and Coner made a snow shark.  The next day they woke up and went outside but the snow shark was gone.  The next morning they came outside and the snow shark was there again.  Then Oston, Trevor and Coner saw the snow shark move. 
They said “Is the snow shark coming alive?” 
“Run for your life” shouted Trevor.
“Ahhh.  IS that shark walking on its fins?” cried Oston.  “Where is Coner?”
“I don’t know” said Trevor.
“Here I am” he shouted.
“The shark is gone” said Coner. 
“I don’t think it is” said Oston.  “Ahhh”.
“No you don’t need to worry” said the shark.  “Do you want to be friends?”

“Yes” the boys said.

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